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As a bride, I debated if I really needed a wedding planner. I cannot emphasize enough–we could not have done it without Liz! She sets the standard in wedding planning by staying organized and constantly communicating with your vendors to make sure they deliver on what is asked of them. She assisted with the most perfect wedding that surpassed all my expectations.

I’m so thankful that we found Liz. She is also a great person. She can manage anything you may throw at her with grace and poise. It is inevitable with large guests lists with multiple vendors that there will be hiccups on the day of, but Liz made sure that she took care of all the unexpected issues without worrying or bothering us about it. Being a type A/OCD bride, it was hard for me to let go, but trust me on the day of, you do not need to worry about the details, but just enjoy your once in a life event.

We are so glad that we had Liz from day one of planning until D-day because she really makes the effort to get to know her clients during the wedding planning process to make sure that your wedding day is absolutely what the bride and groom wants. Throughout the process she assisted us with ideas, advice and most of all asking important questions to our vendors that totally would have slipped my mind. You need someone like Liz as your wedding planner as she is extremely detail oriented, very organized, and easy to communicate with.

For any brides who are wondering if you need a coordinator, the answer is yes! I wouldn’t trade a thing for the time I spent with her and everything she did for us and our families.

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